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More than 30,000 RFID devices deployed to serve your growth.

Technologies for the IoT, a mindset

Rethinking processes

When faced with complex production and management processes, UBI Solutions rationalises the most tedious, costly steps: labelling, inventory, fraud, etc.

Optimising the customer experience

Today as well as tomorrow the customer experience will make the difference. Less waiting time as a result of the RFID technologies deployed by UBI Solutions, the customer will return!

Innovating constantly

Since innovation is the at the centre of UBI Solutions’ history, 30% of turnover is dedicated to it each year. Today, by your side, we are developing the solutions that will generate more turnover tomorrow.

Fabrice Zerah

The founder

Fabrice Zerah

Managing Director - UBI Solutions

Tech or Toc: What Technology Will Make of Us. ChatGPT, Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs: New Technologies Scrutinized.
Tech ou Toc ?

“France helped me create the European leader in RFID devices”

Fabrice Zerah

These days we don’t produce the way we did before… and tomorrow we won’t produce like we do today. The very large scale development of artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet of Thingsl is called upon for an in-depth renewal of processes.
As a result of digital transformation we are moving towards immense savings in terms of maintenance, quality control, preparation of machines, flexibility of production cycles, or even the organisation of the logistics chain.
We have before us a fourth industrial revolution. And this industry 4.0, this hyperconnectivity of factories must be prepared right now so as not to lose ground in a competitive world which is rapidly changing. Since we have the innovation culture and since we have more than ten years’ experience in the secure use of data, we are able to support our clients, help them look further ahead, to establish and develop their competitive advantages, to reap the benefits of the technological breakthroughs.

“Tech or Toc”: What Technology Will Make of Us.

Tech or Toc? Will emerging technologies deliver on their promises? Which ones will enhance our efficiency, entertain us, streamline our transportation, assist us in healthcare, or even contribute to planet detoxification? And which ones might turn out to be mere illusions?

In this book, I examine emerging technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), robots, the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, cautioning against the sensationalist announcements of Big Tech companies and the supposed advancements that could jeopardize our privacy and even our security.

Key dates

  • 2008

    Creation of UBI Solutions

    Fabrice Zerah creates UBI Solutions.

  • 2012

    Bpifrance Excellence certification

    UBI Solutions is selected to incorporate Bpifrance Excellence.

  • 2012

    Creation of Ubi Transport

    Participation in the creation of Ubi Transport.

  • 2015

    UBI Solutions expands

    Creation of the office in Aix en Provence & Creation of the international team.

  • 2016

    UBI Solutions expands

    Creation of the Dinan office.

  • 2017

    UBI Solutions expands

    Acquisition of Twiister Systems & Creation of the Lille office.

  • 2019

    UBI Solutions expands

    Creation of the offices in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Barcelona and Warsaw.

  • 2020

    International deployment

    International deployment with a presence in nearly 30 countries.

  • 2022

    UBI Solutions expands

    Acquisition of Page Up

  • 2023

    UBI Solutions expands

    Creation of UBI Smart

  • 2024

    UBI Solutions expands

    Acquisition of Pyxo and launch of UBI Impact.

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