🆕Customer Testimonial: UBI Retail for optimizing your inventory management

Located at the heart of the European Pole of the Horse in Yvré-L’Evêque, West Cheval stands out as a company specialized in the sale of equestrian equipment. With over 25 years of experience, it distinguishes itself by offering its customers an unparalleled shopping experience. Currently, West Cheval provides on its e-commerce website and in its physical store over 1000 renowned brands in the equestrian field.

The strong growth in e-commerce activity has propelled West Cheval in recent years. Faced with an increasing flow of orders to manage, and eager to continuously improve customer satisfaction, the management opted for the implementation of an innovative RFID solution focused on optimizing inventory management.

Watch this video testimonial to better understand how the solution works and its benefits.👇

Since implementing the RFID solution for their inventory, everything has changed! Previously, they had to gather a team for several days to count each product one by one. Additionally, they often encountered issues with stock quantities, leading to shortages and disappointing customers. Now, with the RFID solution, everything is easier and more efficient.

Those who have adopted our RFID solution in the Retail sector testify: Today, as a business owner, having real-time visibility into my inventory is crucial.

Do you want to take inventory of your items in just a few minutes? Are you facing significant stock discrepancies without knowing how to resolve them?