Resuinsa and UBI Solutions partner together to digitalise the textile industry in the hotel sector.

Resuinsa, an international manufacturer of hospitality textiles and R&D leader in the sector, and UBI Solutions, the European market leader in radio frequency identification (RFID) and IoT applications, announce a strategic partnership for the implementation of RFID solutions in hotels and industrial laundries.

The aim of both companies is to be able to offer a technical response to current and future challenges, focused on having a better vision of the processes related to the textiles. Above all, to make available to the industry the latest technology in the market that will allow it to develop its competitive advantages and thus extract all the benefits that the technological transformation allows. In this way, both the hotelier and the laundry operator can analyse the information, make the most efficient and correct decisions in real time, resulting in financial improvement and change in the way of operational processes are managed.

The result of this alliance is a solution that allows the identification, localisation, and management of assets; seamless data integration; the generation of reports by customers or articles; detecting errors in each of the processes; and control of each of the textiles in circulation. All information is stored in the Cloud which provides users access to all the flows, stocks, losses, rotations and many other information between the hotels and laundries.

Félix Martí, Managing Director of Resuinsa, states that “Digital transformation in the hotel sector is increasingly present. Hotels should see digitalisation as a business opportunity, as it allows them to immediately improve the control and management of their textiles. Thanks to the seamless integration of data with the company’s management system, it is possible to have all information in real time, while having efficiency and security in all processes.

Renaud Munier, Marketing and International Business Development Director of UBI Solutions emphasizes “We are very excited about this cooperation with Resuinsa. We share the same vision of helping the hospitality industry to digitalise and improve textile management, while relying on continuous R&D. Our company pioneered the implementation of UHF RFID technology for textiles internationally for more than 10 years and our partnership could only be with such professionals.

About Resuinsa
Resuinsa has a 44-year history in the textile sector, but it comes from a century-old business group. The design, quality, resistance, and durability of the products, as well as respect for the environment, are criteria that are applied to all its garments. With a firm commitment to R&D, we are pioneers in the sector with projects that apply RFID technology for the digitalisation of textiles. Serving five continents, with more than 8,000 customers in 140 countries, they also have eight
partners abroad: the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, USA, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Sri Lanka
and Costa Rica.

Renaud Munier Business Director UBI Solutions      Felix Martí Managing Director of Resuinsa