Tracker Compact Industriel (TCI)


Tracker Compact Industriel is a unit designed for the tracking/management of assets in the industrial environment

The Tracker Compact Industriel is a multi-mode, highly versatile tracker which has integrated sensors combining the technologies for GPS geolocation, low power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWANTM TDoA, allowing accurate geolocation both indoors and outdoors.

Its compact, sturdy form, designed to resist difficult environments, enables you to carry out faultless tracking and management of assets in any industrial environment – whether they are heavy assets or small pieces of equipment – taking advantage of its long battery life.

Features :

geolocation technologies

GPS: Precise position outdoors
Wi-Fi & BLE: Position indoors and in urban areas

LoRaWan specifications

LoRa class A; 16 dBm for EU; 21.5 dBm EIRP max

HW configuration

Size: 112 mm x 66 mm x 33 mm, very modular attachment
Watertight unit (IP68); IK08, tropicalised PCB.
Option: ATEX Zone II/Zone I in progress
Operating temperature range -20°C to + 65°C
Temperature sensor, 3D movement sensor,
BLE magnetic switch
for updating the micro-programme

Energy management

Designed for a long-life battery 8Ah (Type AA/3.6V Li-SOCl2)
Low standby current
Supports a high output current (20 dBm mode)

Programmable functions

Movement tracking/permanent tracking
Start & Stop/Activity monitoring/Standby
Geofencing: Sending of a notification during exit or
entry in a determined area
Activity rate: Monitor the operating period
with embedded sensors