Ubi-Light is an RFID UHF Gen2 micro-reader with 1 SMA antenna port and a GPIO connector.

The Ubi-Light table reader has a choice of 2 means of communication:
Ethernet 10/100 Mbits or RS232C serial.
The Ubi-Light reader has an online command set but it is possible to produce an embed micro-code (macro-control) to operate it in autonomous mode.
Ubi-Light has a sound alarm, 4 GPIOs and 3 warning lights making it possible to identify the status of the reader.
The Ubi-Light reader has a USB connector, the use of which is limited to reader administration.

Features :

Micro-reader ergonomics

140 mm x 72 mm x 55 mm

UHF band 860-960 MHz



(EPCGen2, ISO 18000-6C, LBT, DRM)


1 SMA antenna port

Easy to use

Very small reader that is easy to position in confined spaces.