Ubi-Link is an ultra-compact RFID OEM reader which operates on a UHF band

Its small size and low energy consumption makes it an ideal RFID device for portable and mobile applications.

It enables the user to carry out all the RFID operations specified by the EPC Class 1 GEN2 protocol, and even more with the preprogrammed functions integrated into the reader.

Ubi-Link is delivered with a simple communications protocol, allowing fast development of RFID applications but leaving access to many RFID parameters for advanced users.

Features :

Table reader ergonomics:

29 mm*26 mm*5.3 mm

UHF band

860-960 MHz (ETSI, FCC compliant)


(EPC-GEN2, ISO18000-6C, optional IPX64, LBT, DRM)

Low energy consumption

(Auto Sleep Mode Available)

3 programmable GPIO input and output pins

(2 outputs/1 input)

Configurable output power

(23 dBm max)


50 ohm antenna output port

Access to advanced RFID parameters

(Miller, Tari, PW, BLF, etc.)

Different host interfaces:

Serial and USB communication