Ubi-POS is a RFID UHF Gen2 table reader with integrated narrow field antenna

An Ubi-POS kit includes the table reader and its power supply, and also its detachable fixing cradle and the Lexan protective façade.

The Ubi-POS table reader has multiple communication means (1 Ethernet RJ45 port, 2 RS232 ports, 1 USB port). The ports can be used simultaneously to differentiate the data flow and the supervision and administration services-

The Ubi-POS reader has development libraries for .net and Java but it is possible to use an RS232 communications port with the associated command set, making it possible to develop applications in different environments.

Ubi-POS has a sound alarm, 4 GPIOs and 3 warning lights.

Features :

Table reader ergonomics

210 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm

UHF band 860-960 MHz



(EPCGen2, ISO 18000-6C, LBT, DRM)

Integrated antenna

Narrow field antenna in integrated circular polarisation

Easy to use.

Integrated reader exceeding the fixing plane by 0.5 mm.