Perfect control of your production processes thanks to UBI Tag BLE.

We provide industrialists with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tags enabling them to implement RTLS (Real Time Positioning Systems) to manage their production processes reliably, efficiently and without human error.

UBI Solutions’ BLE tags are perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of the industrial environment. The frequency of location updates, long battery life, location accuracy and other asset control parameters make them a major asset for the implementation of an RTLS system.

The BLE tag has earned a reputation among manufacturers for its ability to send location data quickly and accurately, giving them a complete view of all assets in real time.

Their batch operation reduces power consumption, allowing tags/beacons installed on assets and wireless sensors/gateways installed in warehouses to operate for years. In addition, it is a technology that offers a greater range, covering hundreds of meters, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

UBI BLE tags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the item being tracked, environmental conditions and/or technical requirements. They can not only provide information on the location of the item to be tracked, but also transmit data on temperature, pressure, humidity… of the associated item, depending on the sensors they incorporate.

Using this technology and via UBI Solutions’ IoT platform, manufacturers can use real-time location data to optimise their production processes and increase efficiency. As the demand for IoT solutions continues to grow. BLE technology has become one of the leading wireless technologies powering RTLS systems due to its many benefits.

For more information on our range of BLE tags, we invite you to consult our Assets Tracking solution.

To learn more about our IoT solutions using BLE UBI Tags, please refer to our Assets Tracking solution. More info on our prices, CONTACT US HERE!

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