Ubi-Textile Tag

Ubi Textile Tag

Small & Personalisable | 100% mechanically produced

Ubi-Textile Tag is a new fabric tag developed for flat linen, clothing, pillowcases, etc. Ubi-Textile Tag has been specifically designed to meet the traceability requirements of the laundry industry in terms of shape, robustness and ease of attachment.

Ubi-Textile Tag tags are based on a unique, patented concept. The V2 version uses a small UHF device connected to an antenna. This antenna is sewn onto the tag itself using a special thread, which is both innovative and flexible. The tag, which is specially designed for the identification of uniforms, may be sewn onto the edge of the article or even incorporated into the hem.

Ubi-Textile Tag tags are resistant to heat sealing processes and can be attached to a textile article using their own adhesive. These are UHF tags which are EPC Global and ISO 18000-6C compatible.

    • Total thickness
    • Approx. weight: 0.6 g
    • Customised dimensions on request
    • On request with:
      – laser-engraved serial number on the tag
      – logo/text printed on the tag
      – special coding

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Features :

Attachment by stitching:

20.0 mm x 58.0 mm (Ref: UbiTEX-2060s)

13.0 mm x 58.0 mm (Ref: UbiTEX-1358s)

11.0 mm x 36.0 mm (Ref: UbiTEX-1136)

Fixing by heat sealing:

20.0 mm x 58.0 mm (Ref: UbiTEX-2060)

13.0 mm x 58.0 mm (Ref: UbiTEX-1358)

11.0 mm x 36.0 mm (Ref: UbiTEX-1136)