Assets Tracking, ensuring precise localization of your assets.

Assets Tracking, ensuring precise localization of your assets.

Traceability and geolocation of a wide range of assets with Assets Tracking

UBI Solutions has created the Assets Tracking solution, which allows you to geolocate and track in real time, the assets and equipement that are at the heart of your business, not only in your premises but also anywhere in the world. Assets Tracking helps you track and monitor the status and movement of your assets indoor and outdoor with ease and accuracy. By optimising asset management, you can achieve significant cost savings, streamline and automate tasks and improve operational performance.

With cutting-edge IoT-based technology, you’ll be able to gain 360-degree visibility into everything from tooling and equipment tracking to fleet and workforce tracking. Adopting the Assets Tracking solution means choosing the right tool to make the best strategic decisions for your organisation.

How does Assets Tracking work?

This tracking is made possible by installing small tracking devices called Universal Industrial Trackers (UIT) on your mobile assets and equipment such as trucks, containers, pallets, production tools, etc. With its compact and rugged design, the UTI is built to withstand harsh environments,long standby time and a fully waterproof housing, making it ideal for asset tracking. It is suitable for the following use cases: fleet management, indoor and outdoor moving assets, visitors, workers, production and logistics container tracking, tool tracking, etc.
Finally, UBI Solutions’ cloud-based platform, UBI NextGen, enables the deployment of tailor-made IoT solutions while adapting to the existing software and hardware infrastructures of manufacturers, such as invoicing systems (ERP) or production tracking systems (DTP), or stock tracking systems (WMS) .

Multiple sectors, multiple benefits

The Assets Tracking solution has many advantages that are being used by many industries such as ports, airports, railways, construction, machine tool manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and public works. For example, it will meet the following needs

  • To have a better knowledge of stocks to avoid losses and thefts of specific tools and materials which are often expensive.
  • Improve the management of the equipment and internal and external logistics flows
  • Obtain accurate statistics on the use of equipment and materials.
  • Anticipate future maintenance requirements and thus improve the working conditions of employees.
  • Save time by automating operations such as inventories.
  • Rationalise the costs of materials and equipment necessary for the operation of the production line.

Asset tracking has been a key issue for industrial companies for many years. The technologies used to achieve this aim to simplify the work of operators by automating low value-added tasks, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

The solution proposed by UBI Solutions is totally adaptable and can thus participate in the improvement of processes and operations in all industrial sectors. Many applications are possible, so we invite you to contact us to discuss your traceability projects in more detail.


Quantitative gains
Other gains
Reduction of losses Geolocation of your equipment in real time
Fast and efficient inventory taking Unique identification number for each asset
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