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Connected Lock, to secure all your goods

Connected Lock, to ensure the safety of all your transport

Connected Lock, is a smart lock system that will allow you to offer quality service, security, and  peace of mindto your customers through real-time remote monitoring of your goods anywhere in the world.

To ensure the safety and monitoring of your containers, trailers, van trucks and other types of trucks.

What are the advantages?

  • Geolocation: it is equipped with a GPS sensor and a worldwide GSM coverage that allows tracking and transmitting data on the location in real time
  • Remote unlocking via the Internet or RFID cards
  • Being alert in the event of unauthorized door opening
  • Being alert to route deviations, unplanned stops or violations.
  • Large capacity battery, long operating time (1 month)


Connected lock


Quantitative gains
Other gains
Real-time remote monitoring Possible connection to UBI Cloud to access and analyse all information
Durable housing that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions Long-life battery
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