Connected Masks, a modern mask for all

Connected Masks, a reusable, washable mask

From 11 May 2020, companies must provide their employees with protective masks in order to ensure their health safety.

The quantity of single use masks to be purchased will be considerable and organisation will be complicated.

Connected Masks is a reusable, washable mask. A disposable mask is twice as expensive.
It reduces logistics flows, limits waste, helps provide better respect for the environment and alleviates the load on production capacity for mask manufacturers.
Connected Mask is fitted with an embedded RFID chip with Flashcode enabling the user to control the number of washes with a Smartphone app.

Connected Masks

Find out about the Connected Mask by viewing Frédéric Simottel’s chronicle on RMC

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Quantitative gains
Other gains
Reduces logistics flows Limits waste
Environmentally friendly Alleviates the load on production capacity
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