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Hospital Assets Tracking, to track your hospital assets

Hospital Assets Tracking, to make hospital management easier

Through various technology solutions, UBI Solutions enables the implementation of Hospital Assets Tracking to track and trace hospital assets and know their location at all times, thus reducing loss and theft.

The BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) solution can create a Real Time Location System (RTLS) or an in-building positioning system to achieve the same results as the GPS system. BLE tags or Beacons are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit the item being tracked, environmental conditions and/or technical requirements. They can also integrate sensors for temperature, shock, humidity, etc.

BLE Gateways identify the location of assets in the area, department or even room where they are located. They transmit BLE signals at a specific frequency and interact with BLE tags. Each tag has a unique identification and is also associated with a specific product or person. Typically, the coverage area of the gateway is 80 metres.

In conclusion, the benefits are multiple:

  • Freeing up staff time: less time spent searching for assets.
  • Reduced investment in additional equipment: ability to identify and locate each asset, thus reducing loss and theft.
  • Reduce costs associated with negligence and/or inattention.
  • Provide reliable data on asset usage and performance.
  • Implement regular automatic preventive maintenance based on actual equipment usage.
  • Provide alerts to identify unauthorised movement of equipment.

Find out more about Hospital Assets Tracking:

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Quantitative gains
Other gains
Real-time inventory Protection against theft and loss
Provide alerts Quick location of assets
Reducing costs Freeing up staff time
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