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UBI Events, for ensuring asset traceability

A traceability solution designed specifically for the event industry

Efficient asset management plays a vital role in the success of events. UBI Events presents an advanced asset tracking solution that revolutionizes how resources such as furniture and audiovisual equipment are managed, traced, and located for seamless event execution in the event industry.

With our cutting-edge technology, UBI Solutions provides businesses in the industry with the ability to take control of their equipment inventory and streamline their operations.

We have identified several common issues, such as:

  • Lack of asset tracking or movement management throughout cycles.
  • Time wasted during (re)counting of orders/receipts.
  • Absence of inventory tools.
  • Customer disputes related to receiving incorrect orders.

Discover how the innovative UBI Events solution can simplify and enhance your management of event assets while providing precise traceability and increased operational efficiency.

How does the solution work?

Every fixed asset you own will be equipped with carefully selected RFID tags depending on their material composition. With a wide selection of tags, the format will perfectly adapt to the characteristics of your equipment and the target reading performance. Reading your asset inventory will require the use of fixed and/or mobile RFID readers, depending on the specifics of your project to be determined.
Thanks to this, you can benefit from real-time visibility of the location and status of your assets, conduct reliable inventories, and efficiently manage processes like reception, shipping, etc.

The UBI Events solution comes with the UBI Cloud web application, a centralized platform that provides accurate reports (KPIs) and in-depth analyses. The data collected by RFID readers is integrated into your specific applications. As a result, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of your assets and utilize the data to make well-informed decisions.

Great Adaptability, Great Advantages

UBI Events is designed to offer complete visibility of your event resources, from the planning phase to event execution. Through an intuitive interface, you can easily track and manage all your assets, whether equipment, supplies, materials, or facilities.

With UBI Events, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity: Eliminate manual traceability tasks, no more manual counting of equipment during shipments and receipts, and inventories 90% faster.
  • Better asset management: Improved item rotation to reduce expenses and clear performance indicators.
  • Stock accuracy: Automated traceability, faster and regular inventories, and increased reliability of stock ins and outs.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Reliable orders and shipments, reduced customer disputes, and informed decision-making with precise information.

UBI Events provides transparent management, precise traceability, and optimized coordination. By using our solution, you can reduce the risk of errors, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize returns on investment for your events. Don’t let asset management hinder the success of your events; choose a reliable and efficient solution.

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Quantitative Gains
Other Advantages
Fewer losses, more savings Improved customer relationships
Better rotation, reduced expenses Informed decision-making
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