Ubi Food Supply Chain, the food traceability solution

Ubi Food Supply Chain, food traceability from farmer to plate

Today, the food industry is facing new challenges that encompass the entire production chain. Consumers want more information about what they eat, at a lowercost. Transparency of information is at the heart of food safety issues. All parties involved need to know the steps and processes a product has gone through in order to provide consumers with the safety and quality of the product they want.

In recent years, this visibility and tracking has been made possible by the implementation of solutions integrating RFID technology to identify, track and trace assets. In response to these challenges, UBI Solutions has created Ubi Food Supply Chain, a solution for tracking food products.

The food traceability system

Our RFID solution includes:

RFID tags to track the movement of products/batches through to shipment.
Mobile or fixed readers to scan and read the RFID tags.
UBI Manager middleware and UBI Cloud software, which allows access to
the information collected throughout the production chain.
QR code(s) created to allow end-users and retailers to track steps or obtain production information.

The use of RFID & IoT traceability solutions in the food industry has the following advantages:

Real-time product tracking: Complete real-time traceability of products
throughout the food chain.
Food safety: Warning of anomalies in the production chain. The company or the consumer will be informed. This allows you to quickly identify spoiled and/or inedible food.
Information transparency: Allow access to unpublished information on animal slaughter, food types, product status, traders and consumers. This information can be obtained by scanning the QR code on the poultry packaging.

With our RFID technologies, you can meet consumer demand for food transparency.Our traceability solution dedicated to the food industry is available for other sectors: dairy products, other meats, agricultural products…

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Quantitative gains
Other gains
Transparency of information Food safety
Process optimisation Full visibility of production steps
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