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Automate your laundry processes and track the location of your textiles

Many players in the laundry sector agree: the use of IoT technologies to track textiles is one of the key current and future developments. With this in mind, the UBI Solutions teams have deployed the UBI Laundry solution, an RFID-based solution that permits tracking and locating all textiles in real-time throughout the production chain.

UBI Laundry allows laundry managers to have control over all their textiles in circulation and can be applied to flat linen (sheets, towels, etc.) as well as to work uniforms, etc.

Thanks to the UBI Textile-Tag RFID tags attached to the linen and the RFID readers installed in the laundry but also at the customer’s premises, it is now possible to automate the inventory and stock management processes and therefore to increase productivity, quality and reduce costs considerably.

“We decided to make this investment because a lot of linen was disappearing,” explains AP-HP director Jean-Charles Grupeli. Annual purchases have been halved.

The solution deployed by UBI Solutions is a major asset for laundries as it allows the various linen flows to be visualised directly through a cloud-based platform, with the data collected being processed to provide real-time reports to support intelligent decision-making.

With UBI Laundry Fast, laundry managers have a new information management tool with which they can analyse and make informed decisions and build much better relationships with their customers.

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Laundries such as the BIH in Saint Germain en Laye, the AP-HP laundry in Paris, Interhospitalia the inter-hospital laundry in Barcelona, the Scottish hospitality leader Fishers and many others are taking advantage of the many benefits of RFID technology.

For more information, please see our blog post on the subject.

In addition to UBI Laundry, we have deployed UBI Connect, a unique IoT solution to ensure the tracking of linen throughout the production and logistics chain. How to perfect the linen management processes by offering a solution that guarantees a seamless implementation of the production, logistics and usage processes for all sectors?

Answers in this testimonial from our customer Tissu Gisèle:


Quantitative gains
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Automation of processes Optimisation of linen quality
Improved customer relations Full visibility of linen flows
Localization of textiles in real time
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