Ubi Laundry Fast

Ubi Laundry Fast

Reduce your linen stock and save time in counting

The UBI Laundry Fast solution is a Track & Trace solution enabling all textiles to be tracked in real time over the entire chain (laundry services, hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, etc.)

Did you know that managing linen was a problem for hotels? What do they do to ensure that the linen is always “perfect” and that there is always enough? It’s true that every morning we see the staff who are going to prepare our rooms but we forget that behind these simple actions hides one of the largest problems for a hotel in terms of costs and process.


The magazine RFID & WIRELESS IOT GLOBAL interviewed Renaud Munier, Director International Business Development at UBI Solutions about Automated laundry logistics in the hotel industry.

The logistics processes of textiles and workwear in hospitals, nursing facilities, industrial production plants, research laboratories, hotels, and laundry or cleaning companies are digitally optimized with RFID technology to save costs.

To find out more on the subject, we put at your disposal the complete article ⬇️



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