UBI Retail Boost, for simplified management of your items

Optimize your processes to boost your sales

The Retail sector has become a cornerstone of our daily lives. Faced with the high demands of consumers, the industry must reinvent itself to meet all requests.

It is in this spirit that UBI Solutions has created UBI Retail Boost, a solution that optimizes the actions of sales floor staff and addresses one of the key issues in the customer experience: waiting time. Based on IoT technologies, particularly RFID, it allows for the management of various items throughout the entire chain, from producer to store. The deployed solution is a Plug & Play software package that allows for the management of your point-of-sale inventory.

Through this video testimonial, explore a real-life example that will give you a better understanding of how IoT/RFID technologies operate in the retail sector. ⬇️

How does it work?

The article database is exported from your IS to our software, enabling the printing of RFID tags encoded with the article references. These tags can contain all the information of a standard label. They are easy to set up and cost-effective.

Once applied to the items and with the help of a UHF RFID mobile terminal and its associated application, you will be able to:
✅ Conduct inventories in record time
✅ Search for a specific product
✅ Receive and shelf items, and more.

UBI Retail Boost comes with the UBI Cloud web application, which allows you to obtain personalized KPIs, set up dashboards, and generate graphical or tabular reports. It will provide you with a view of the stock levels in stores, inform you of any discrepancies, and also send alerts when there are movements in the inventory.

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Looking to streamline your processes? UBI Retail Boost is the IoT traceability solution you need. It enables swift inventory management and provides real-time access to your entire inventory. In addition to effectively addressing current industry challenges, this solution significantly enhances the customer experience and their satisfaction levels.

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