UBI Smart Containers, to track and trace your containers

UBI Smart Containers, to track and trace your containers

Optimize your container management

If you are a food supermarket chain, a fruit or flower producer, a logistician, transport company, fish distributor, you are using circular containers to transport and track your product flow. Knowing where all the containers are in real time, tracking the LOSSES is a major challenge for the industry.

UBI Solutions has developed UBI Smart Containers to ensure the traceability and tracking of your containers and to know their precise location at any time, thus reducing rotations, losses and cost. 

UBI Smart Containers supports any type of technology: RFID, LoRa, BLE or GPS (Redirection fiche produit) whereas each container receives a unique identifier. Whether your container is in your plant, at your customer or travelling around the world, each technology is activated accordingly to the situation. Indeed, you will be able to follow each movement of the container as well as a possible change of status. For this purpose we have developed our new Universal Industrial Tracker.

The SaaS UBI Cloud application will provide you with an accurate reporting (KPIs) and analysis integrating the data into your specific applications (WMS, ERPs, etc…). UBI Smart Containers empowers your supply chain partners to also integrate all container movements into their own systems. Each party can then see and track the containers they are responsible for. 

Schéma gestion des contenants

To find out more about the UBI Smart Containers solution, please visit our blog post on the subject.

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