UBI Smart Hospitality, to track linen in hotels

When linen becomes intelligent

Did you know that the cost of linen and laundry is the biggest expense in a hotel after staff costs? And how do hoteliers ensure that the linen is always “perfect” and in sufficient quantity? This is one of the daily challenges for hotel staff in terms of costs and organisation.

In order to provide better visibility of textile-related processes to hotel industry professionals, UBI Solutions has created the UBI Smart Hospitality IoT solution.

This solution, which uses RFID technology, makes it possible to track the flow of linen between the linen manufacturers, the hotel and its laundry, to track the flow of linen by allowing to automatically order linen, accurately control costs (recover missing items, reduce stocks, etc.).  It greatly facilitates the daily operational management by allowing to automatically order linen to the laundry according to the occupancy rates, to have precise inventories by category and location in real time: no more endless counting and recounting, no more running to each floor to look for missing items to finish the rooms on time.

In addition to better stock visibility, UBI Smart Hospitality offers hoteliers the possibility to control the life cycle of each item (number of washes, last reading point, rotation, etc.) and to dialogue with suppliers to improve product quality.

Schéma Smart Hospitality

In conclusion, the implementation of UBI Smart Hospitality allows you to obtain transparency of all your linen flows. It allows hotel managers to have precise control of all their textiles, resulting in improved efficiency of processes (administrative and operational) and a relationship between customer and supplier based on a climate of trust regained thanks to reliable and clear data.

Discover the solution in video right here :

To learn more about the UBI Smart Hospitality solution, you can read the blog post on the subject.

You can read a first customer testimonial from the PPHE hotel group, which asked UBI Solutions to set up a linen identification system.

You can also watch the video testimonial of the Hilton hotel chain below, which already uses the UBI Smart Hospitality solution.

In addition to UBI Laundry, we have deployed UBI Connect, a unique IoT solution to ensure the tracking of linen throughout the production and logistics chain.
How to perfect the linen management processes by offering a solution that guarantees a seamless implementation of the production, logistics and usage processes for all sectors?
Answers in this testimonial from our customer Tissu Gisèle:

Other gains :

Quantitative gains
Other gains :
Improvement of the relationship between the customer and his supplier Simplification of processes
Reduction of time spent on time-consuming tasks Optimisation of stock management
Perform inventories in a matter of minutes Reduction of linen losses
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