UBI Tools Tracking, to track and geolocate all your tools and equipment

Optimize the real-time management and geolocation of your equipment fleet

Optimize the management of your equipment fleet with our real-time geolocation solution. Whether tracking your equipment in the field or ensuring efficient use of your tools, our UBI Tools Tracking solution provides total visibility and optimal control. Discover how our geolocation solution can enhance your business efficiency and enable real-time informed decision-making.

Geolocation of your equipment with our technologies

Thanks to a multi-technology geolocation system, you can now know the real-time location of your tools and equipment, wherever you are.

In a context where tool and equipment traceability poses a major challenge for many companies, especially in logistics, supply chain, and the construction sector, our solution provides an innovative answer. The risks of loss, theft, or delays can have a significant impact on costs and productivity, highlighting the importance of our technology.

Our traceability solution combines the benefits of technologies such as LoRa, Bluetooth Low Energy, 4G, WiFi, GPS, and even NB-IoT to offer unparalleled tracking.

An innovative solution for real-time geolocation of your equipment

UBI Tools Tracking provides the ability to monitor and control the location as well as the movements of your tools and equipment with precision. It also includes a predictive maintenance function to continuously monitor the condition of your equipment, anticipate potential issues, and optimize their durability.

With easy and efficient installation, it will provide you with a detailed view of the entire logistics activity.

1) Tailor-made trackers will be placed on each piece of equipment: This allows for assigning a unique identification to your equipment and connecting them to the data collection platform for real-time tracking.

2) Deployment of UBI Cloud to gather all data: UBI Cloud serves as the centralized platform for all data, providing you with the ability to manage and track your equipment fleet.

In addition to UBI Tools Tracking, we offer a solution based on the use of an RFID smart box, allowing for efficient control of incoming and outgoing tool flows by conducting real-time inventories of tools borrowed by your teams.

How does it work?

Our geolocation solution, a crucial asset for your business:

➡️ Uninterrupted Tracking: Thanks to our combination of technologies, we can locate your tools and equipment both indoors and outdoors. You have total visibility 24/7, significantly reducing losses and theft.

➡️ Energy Efficiency: Our devices are designed for maximum energy efficiency. This means you can track your equipment for years without having to recharge them.

➡️ Lifespan of Your Equipment Fleet: By allowing you to monitor the location and conditions of your equipment, our solution helps extend their lifespan. This reduces the need to produce or invest in new equipment, resulting in a positive environmental impact and a decrease in purchases.

➡️ Easy Integration: The UBI CLOUD platform seamlessly integrates into your existing operations and information system. It is compatible with many systems such as WMS and ERP, making implementation easy.

Beyond these obvious benefits, our innovation opens the door to exciting new opportunities. Think of automated logistics, predictive maintenance, and reducing carbon footprint through significant reuse of your equipment fleet.

Our tool and equipment management solution has been designed to address the specific challenges faced by industrial businesses in tracking, maintenance, and optimizing their equipment fleet. With an intuitive interface, real-time tracking, and advanced reporting features, we offer a comprehensive solution to enhance your team’s efficiency and streamline your operations.

And what if our geolocation solution could also provide similar benefits to your business? Contact us for more information.

To learn more about our traceability solutions, you can refer to our blog articles on the subject.

Other Benefits

Quantitative gains
Other benefits
Reduction in losses and thefts Real-time geolocation
Quick and efficient inventory management Unique identification number for each piece of equipment
Cost reduction Enhancement of productivity
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