UBI Workwear ensures traceability of costumes and uniforms

Optimize the management of workwear, uniforms, and costumes for your employees

UBI Workwear is the ideal solution for managers of service companies, amusement parks, and large retailers who must daily manage the clothing, uniforms, and costumes of their employees based on their roles. Managing workwear is a significant challenge to avoid disrupting and slowing down your business operations. Our RFID solution, UBI Workwear, secures stocks, streamlines inventories, and effectively manages the allocation of workwear and uniforms to your employees.

Traceability of your workwear stock with our RFID solution


The solution requires clothing identification using RFID chips. Specializing in traceability since 2008 and experts in laundry traceability, we provide the best equipment to digitize your processes. Our range of RFID tags, manufactured in France, ensures top-notch results and guarantees 100% reliable traceability.

✅ We provide durable and high-performance tags.
✅ Our textile RFID chips are manufactured in France.
✅ They can be either adhered or sewn onto your clothing.


To complement the solution, various readers can be implemented according to specific project needs. Here are some potential applications:

➡️ Inventory Management: Real-time tracking of clothing entries and exits for improved inventory management.

➡️ Distribution Control: Automatic verification of uniforms distributed to employees, ensuring proper allocation.

➡️ Return Control: Tracking returned clothing to prevent losses and ensure efficient turnover.

➡️ Maintenance Tracking: Managing the washing and maintenance cycle of uniforms to extend their lifespan.

➡️ Logistics Optimization: Planning clothing and equipment needs based on collected data.


All data is centralized through UBI Manager and accessible on the UBI Cloud platform. UBI Cloud is a cloud-based platform that allows users to access a range of data on uniform and workwear tracking. The cloud information can be enriched as per traceability requirements.


  • Movement history per item
  • Allocation statistics
  • Total stock
  • New stock
  • Inventory by category
  • Losses
  • Retention time
  • 30-day alerts, etc.

Application of our RFID solution, UBI Workwear, in an amusement park:

Our client must daily manage uniforms for their employees, whether they are in customer-facing roles, general services, artists, or temporary staff. Before implementing RFID-based uniform traceability, the management faced a lack of visibility into available or circulating linen stocks, resulting in management issues and annual losses.

The project aimed to track RFID-tagged linen provided to park employees, with reading points ensuring assignment, distribution control, and return of clothing. The implemented solution identifies garments using RFID tags and utilizes various RFID readers such as bins and hatches. Data is centralized via UBI Manager and leveraged in the UBI Laundry cloud, enabling effective management of uniform stocks and anticipation of logistical needs.

In summary, integrating our RFID clothing traceability solution ensures stock security and precise management of your workwear inventory. By simplifying inventories and ensuring accurate distribution of clothing and costumes to employees, this technology not only improves daily operations but also enhances the overall efficiency of your business. Choose our solution for more efficient resource management and better organization within your team.

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To learn more about our traceability solutions, you can refer to our blog articles on the topic.


Quantitative gains
Other gains
Quick ROIReduction in clothing losses
Conducting quick and efficient inventoriesReduction in the holding time of workwear
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