Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (Paris Hospitals): for better stock management


Every day the AP-HP must change and wash tens of thousands of bed sheets and draw sheets (about 35 tonnes per day). It is an enormous work site, taking up a great deal of time, particularly for the operations involving inventories, reception of washed bed sheets, preparation of supply trolleys for hospital services. Until very recently, these daily operations resulted in a very large number of lost bed sheets, and even clean bed sheets being out of stock… Things that are unacceptable in a hospital!

What is the solution? :

Three years ago UBI Solutions set up an identification system for bed sheets and draw sheets. RFID technology enables accurate tracking of all incoming and outgoing bed sheets, thus reducing losses. It has reduced the duration of inventory operations. Whereas before they took a day, now they take no more than 20 minutes. Above all it has made better stock management possible, with the end of stock shortages and removal of over-stocking. In the end it is money saved for the public hospital.

We invite you to read the testimony of the AP-HP Laundry Director.

Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris


Reduction in inventory time


Savings per year