Interhospitalia: Control of linen stocks

Difficulty :

Interhospitalia is an industrial laundry which has a production capacity of 20 tons per day and serves more than 22 hospitals in Spain. Previously, Interhospitalia did not have a centralized linen service, each customer had their own linen. This operation led to insufficient stock availability which resulted in low turnover, excess stock, ignorance of the location of the stock, etc.

Which solution? :

As a result, the director of Interhospitalia assessed the possibility of setting up a textile traceability system that would allow him to offer his customers a better service and increase productivity. This solution consists of an RFID gantry at the entrance of the laundry, reading points in the washing tunnels and a cabin for shipping. The implementation of the solution in the laundry is complemented with the use of mobile devices in which the corresponding Ubi Laundry application has been installed.

To learn more about this project, we provide you with the article “Laundry Service Leases RFID-Tagged Linens to Barcelona Hospitals” published in the RFID Journal.