Orange: Inventory control

In order to meet the growing need for remote data storage for individuals and businesses, Orange has designed the “Normandy” data centre in Val-de-Reuil (Eure). It is designed to host billions of data and information and connect to a network of more than 50 data centres worldwide. Discover the Orange Use Case!

The problem: Orange had to carry out regular inventories of their IT equipment. Previously, this inventory was done manually by scanning barcodes. This method was very costly in terms of time and human resources. There was also a high risk of human error and this had a huge impact on the results of the data collected.

UBI Solutions therefore developed a way to respond to Orange’s problem. This solution consists of two steps:

The first is the parameterisation of the RFID chip. The chip is encoded and the reference of the desired asset is printed at the same time. We then proceed to associate this chip with the asset.

In a second phase, this chip will be used to inventory a bay or an entire room. The principle of this approach is to import the data of one or more of the assets concerned onto the PDA and to read the chip using the same PDA. Thanks to this process, any discrepancies are automatically reported.

This solution will therefore enable Orange to carry out more accurate and faster inventories in order to consolidate their DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) within the data center.

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Orange Use Case