PPHE Group: Linen tracking of 23 hotels in real time

Difficulty :

The management of PPHE Group has decided to switch from renting to purchasing linen for 23 of its hotels in order to optimize the logistics. With linen rental, the main problem that the team encountered was the time spent managing the entire logistics personally (hotels, laundries, housekeeping, etc.) as the hotels did not have a regular supply of linen in order to cover the need of housekeeping.

Which solution?:

In 2017, PPHE asked UBI Solutions to set up a linen identification system. The use of RFID technology allows the precise tracking of all outgoing and incoming linen. The implementation of this solution allowed PPHE to monitor and control the potential losses, but also to ensure that there is always sufficient circulating stock to maintain an optimal level of housekeeping productivity.

We invite you to read the full interview in English of the PPHE Purchasing Director:

Interview PPHE