Sénécal: greater traceability for greater transparency


Repeated health scandals have made consumers more and more careful about the food that they buy. They are waiting for transparency. Moreover, in a food sector marked by very high competitive intensity, if medium-sized companies want to play their cards right they must stand out by offering new benefits to consumers. These are the two reasons which have encouraged the Sénécal slaughter and marketing company to act.

What is the solution?

The teams from Sénécal and UBI Solutions have developed a complete traceability system made possible by the use of a QR code allocated to each fowl leaving the slaughter and packaging chains. In concrete terms, in the supermarket aisle each consumer can use his Smartphone to obtain all the information about the poultry which he is about to buy: farm location, birth date, slaughter date. This unmatched transparency is an assurance of reliability. Consumers are not mistaken: the turnover for the Norman SME has seen a distinct increase.

For more information, we invite you to read the article published in the RFID Journal ⬇️

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