TGL : Linen traceability

Tissus Gisèle is a French textile company based in the Vosges region of France that offers a unique range of linen for professionals. Every year, TGL manufactures and produces millions of pieces of linen for every field of activity. For some years now, the traceability and tracking of linen has been the subject of numerous discussions between linen manufacturers, textile machine manufacturers, hoteliers, laundries and hospitals. The various stakeholders in the sector would like to be able to trace all their linen throughout the chain without any problems. Discover the video testimony of TGL! 👇

The problem: How to perfect the linen management process by offering a solution that guarantees all those involved in the industry a seamless implementation of the production, logistics and usage processes?

UBI Solutions & TGL joined forces to implement a completely new system to ensure that linen is tracked without causing disruptions in the production and supply processes.

To do this, TGL has equipped its machines to continue to be able to manufacture in France. The aim was to equip all their linen with UHF chips directly from their manufacturing plants. This was one of the many challenges for our partner Fenotag, who had to be able to provide RFID chips that could be integrated into the automatic sewing lines of their machines.


And finally, for optimal traceability, they had to equip their machines with antennas to ensure that the installation is 100% reliable and thus guarantee their customers a complete solution. Once the RFID textile chip has been integrated into the linen on the production lines, it becomes possible to use the unique number of this chip in the various information systems of all the stakeholders involved.

In order to be able to track linen from its manufacture to its use, we have developed UBI Connect, an innovative solution that guarantees the traceability of each piece of linen throughout its life at all the stakeholders in the chain. UBI Connect centralises all the information collected. The information is processed and analysed and can then be shared with all the parties involved in the process.

ubi-connect-graphThe introduction of intelligent textiles has enabled Tissu Gisèle to offer its customers a complete linen traceability system. Thanks to the combined efforts of our teams, TGL is now able to offer chipped linen on request. The aim is to equip all our linen with UHF chips directly from our manufacturing plants.

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