Gémo: Traceability of Logistic Supports

Gémo, a brand of the Eram group founded in 1991, is a well-known French fashion brand. With collections for the whole family, Gémo has been committed to making fashion accessible to all for 30 years.

Gemo operates on an impressive scale, with over 400 stores throughout France. Employing thousands of staff, Gemo relies on a dynamic team to offer a variety of quality products to its customers.

✅ Over 30 years’ experience
✅ 400 stores in France
✅ 3700 employees
✅ 14,000 product references

From clothing to footwear, including accessories, every product must be shipped quickly and efficiently from Gemo’s various logistics centers.

The issue:
Gemo, managing a vast range of products is a constant challenge. The large size of the logistics center at Melay and the high number of deliveries for the 400 stores make their logistics operations particularly complex.

Previously, they had no container traceability, and did not keep track of empty containers, which made operations difficult.

The solution:
The solution implemented is a complete RFID traceability system enabling all Gemo’s logistic supports to be tracked in real time, and their movements traced between the MESLAY logistics platform and the stores.

Portique RFID UBI Solutions

The UBI Cloud platform enables Gemo to visualize all this data, to connect to their existing WMS, and to obtain numerous statistics on turnover rates, immobilization rates and inventories in real time, whether on their Melay platform, in stores or on the platforms of their logistics partners.

Benefits :
The RFID technology, combined with the use of mobile terminals, has enabled Gémo to track its logistic supports and give its teams the ability to trace these supports across all its 400 stores. This has helped Gémo optimize the management of its logistic fleet, know the precise location of its supports at any time and in real-time, and thus accelerate the flow within its logistic loop.

✅ Cost reduction in purchasing
✅ Real-time visibility of location
✅ Easy inventory in minutes
✅ Decreased retention rates
✅ Reduction of losses and waste
✅ Improved logistics productivity

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